The fun has only just begun

If you ask me, a baby monitor with camera is an absolute MUST, especially when you have twins. And here’s why:

They’re always communicating. One way or another. Once we’ve put them to bed at night, they refuse to sleep within the hour. But come to think of it, I can hardly blame them. Would you go to sleep if you had a super funny twin sister who kept you company at night?

As the baby monitor will never fail to entertain us, we don’t even need to turn on our tv anymore. Just watching our twins is more than enough to make us laugh. Until they finally fall asleep that is. But that’s only a matter of time…

I’ll try and capture more of these little twin tales on screen in the near future.

By the way: in the morning they let us know they’re awake by jiggling the Ikea step stool back and forth. Just like you can see in the first video. The squeaking sound of it really sets your teeth on edge… aaaargh!! But hey, well, maybe it’s just a temporary thing. And it sure beats the sound of crying twins.

Have a good weekend everyone!