The Wuzzeltwins Lea & Mara

Lea & Mara (born May 7th 2014)

Hey, I’m Wendy. I’m a journalist, an illustrator and sort of a drama queen.

On top of that I’m a mom of twins.
Which you could say is kinda ironic, since I never imagined myself as a mom at all.
Actually no one did.
Nevertheless, Lea and Mara are fantastic. And sometimes they’re not. That’s just how it is.
Some days are good, some days are ugly.

These twinnies rock & ruin my world.

Anyway. I’m anxious to tell you our little twin tales, based on the truth and nothing but the truth. Hope you enjoy!

– Wendy & the WuzzelTwins

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(Wuzzel Creatives is based in The Netherlands, Europe.)


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